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Slim N Lift For Men in Pakistan

This is a wonderfully fitted soft to the skin nylon fabric knit shirt that stretches and recoils as your body moves however on the within area unit powerful layers of nylon fabric knit binding your chest, flattening your belly and pressing against your back in support.

Wear it to exercising or down the road, or as your power undergarment, the compression could be a secret between you and your garment. A chest binder breakthrough! this can be a wonderful convenience Body Shaper Vest for the person World Health Organization desires to fancy a decent figure with a trim waist and healthiness.

It is not a Girdle, nor a Corset, however a tightly fitted undergarment. Designed to provide firm abdominal support, smaller waist and reinforce the lower back. The chest space appearance tight and is command along.

The sides of the vest feature a criss cross fabric technology to make sure all area unitas of the body are cut and tightly fitted within the vest special weave of twelve pressure points within the abdomen space to make sure higher belly shaping impact The Mens Body Shaper undershirt helps to safeguard the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue.

Stimulates muscular toning within the abdomen and is snug, not like alternative similar product on the market or Girdles.

Men need to require care of their appearance too; and this Slim N raise Slimming Vest for Men are ultra-helpful in slimming down your body and provides you that hot V form figure.

It will effectively trim unpleasant bulges and place you in nice form once more. merely stick in it and let its elastic ribbed support instantly flatten your tummy whereas the panel corporations up your body and shaves belly fat off your figure, supplying you with superb six pack look.

Specification and options

Uniquely designed firming panel to trim and tighten bulging abdomen
Reduces hypodermic fat with regular wear
Panel firms-up your body and trim off your belly fat for that six pack look
Helps support your back for proper posture
Fits into your favorite shirts or T-shirts well
Material: eightieth Nylon, 2 hundredth fabric
Colour: White or Black
8 - ten hours daily wear
Size Available:-
- S (Chest (Relax: 27cm Stretch: 62cm))
(Total Length (Relax: 58cm Stretch: 145cm))
- M (Chest (Relax: 34cm Stretch: 76cm)
(Total Length (Relax: 58cm Stretch: 145cm))
- L (Chest (Relax: 40cm Stretch: 82cm)
(Total Length (Relax: 58cm Stretch: 145cm))
- XL (Chest (Relax: 46cm Stretch: 96cm)
(Total Length (Relax: 60cm Stretch: 153cm))
- XXL (Chest (Relax: 52cm Stretch: 108cm)

(Total Length (Relax: 60cm Stretch: 153cm))

Slim N Lift For Men Price in Pakistan