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Kt15 Pro Earbuds | Wireless Bluetooth | Digital Display Gaming


1. Bluetooth V5.2 for seamless connectivity.
2. Compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
3. Enjoy wireless freedom with a 10m working distance.
4. Advanced features include Active Noise Cancelling.
5. Convenient pop-up window connection via Bluetooth.
6. Supports wireless charging for hassle-free power-ups.
7. Customizable settings including Bluetooth name and GPS.
8. Experience crystal-clear sound with HIFI quality.
9. Long-lasting battery with 40mAh for the headset and 350mAh for the charging box.
10. Quick charge times of just 1 hour for the headphones and 2 hours for the charging box.

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Product Description

Kt15 Pro Earbuds TWS Real Wireless Bluetooth Headset 5.3 Digital Display Gaming

  • Material: ABS
  • Line Length: 10 m



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