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Petals Perfume by ocean Shades -50ml

Original price was: ₨ 1,999.Current price is: ₨ 1,499.

1. Exciting Announcement: We’re delighted to introduce Ocean Shades Body Perfume, catering to both men and women, offering a range of captivating fragrances.
2. Freshness and Purity: Our perfumes embody the essence of freshness and purity, reflecting a blend of invigorating notes that uplift the senses.
3. Premium Quality: Crafted with the finest ingredients, our perfumes deliver a premium aromatic experience with just a single spray.
4. Passion Fragrance: Passion is an Amber Floral fragrance for both women and men, curated by the renowned nose Francis Kurkdjian.
5. Usage Directions: Prior to use, ensure to shake the perfume well to enhance its effectiveness and distribute the fragrance evenly.

Original price was: ₨ 1,999.Current price is: ₨ 1,499.

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Product Description

Petals Perfume

We’re thrilled to introduce Ocean Shades Body Perfume, a range designed for both men and women, promising a delightful olfactory journey. These fragrances are a true testament to freshness and purity, capturing the essence of invigorating scents in every bottle. Passion, curated by the esteemed Francis Kurkdjian, is a captivating Amber Floral fragrance featuring saffron, jasmine, amberwood, and other exquisite notes. With just a single spray, our premium quality perfumes can envelop you in a beautifully aromatic experience. Remember to shake well before use to ensure the perfect distribution of fragrance for a lasting impression.


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